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  • Journey duration is 2 hrs 6 mins
  • First bus is at 02:00 & last bus is at 21:06.
  • Price starts from ₫ 130.000.
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Bus Company Earliest Departure Latest Departure Travel Time Lowest Fare Number of Buses Bus Images    
Luxury Van Limousine 04:30 20:30 2 hrs 0 mins ₫ 230.000 15
Luxury Van Limousine Bus-Front Image
Luxury Van Limousine Bus-Front Image
Hoang Phuong 05:00 20:10 2 hrs 0 mins ₫ 230.000 52
Hoàng Phương Bus-Front Image
Hoàng Phương Bus-Side Image
Anh Huy Dat Cang 04:45 20:05 2 hrs 0 mins ₫ 130.000 26
Anh Huy Đất Cảng Bus-Front Image
Anh Huy Đất Cảng Bus-Front Image
TBus 07:00 15:30 2 hrs 0 mins ₫ 325.000 4
TBus Bus-Front Image
TBus Bus-Front Image
Phuong Huy Limousine 04:00 23:01 2 hrs 0 mins ₫ 220.000 36
Phuong Huy Limousine Bus-Front Image
Phuong Huy Limousine Bus-Front Image

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Bus information from Hải Phòng to Hà Nội

Avg. Bus Duration


2 hrs 6 mins

Buses depart from


Hải Phòng

Bus arrives in


Hà Nội

Daily Bus Services



Cheapest Bus Tickets


₫ 130.000

Earliest Bus



Last Bus



Hải Phòng to Hà Nội Bus Ticket Booking

Hanoi, the capital of a thousand years of civilization, is an ideal tourist destination with historical and cultural sites, famous landmarks, and a rich culinary scene such as: Hanoi Old Quarter, Temple of Literature, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, Dong Xuan Market, and more. Located only about 120 km from the port city of Hai Phong, Hanoi easily attracts tourists due to convenient transportation and various travel options.

With the development of transportation infrastructure, especially the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, the travel time from Hai Phong to Hanoi has been significantly reduced. Compared to the train (which takes about 2-3 hours), the travel time from Hai Phong to Hanoi by bus is usually around 2 hours, saving considerable travel time, making it particularly suitable for busy individuals or those who want quick travel. 

redBus collaborates with many reputable bus operators, offering customers a variety of transportation options from Hai Phong to Hanoi. More than 200 bus trips are updated daily with various types, from standard seating buses to high-end sleeper buses and luxury limousines, catering to all passenger needs and preferences, allowing passengers to choose the type of bus that suits their budget and personal preferences.

Bus ticket prices from Hai Phong to Hanoi range from 130,000 VND to 450,000 VND for one way, depending on the specific service and bus operator.

Top Bus Services from Hai Phong to Hanoi

1. Hoang Long

Hoang Long Bus is one of the most reputable bus operators on the Hai Phong - Hanoi route with over 20 years of experience in passenger transportation. With a modern, comfortable fleet and a professional, enthusiastic staff, Hoang Long always pr ovides customers with the safest, most comfortable, and complete travel experiences.

  • Vehicle Type: 45-seater bus, Limousine.
  • Frequency: 40 - 50 trips/day.
  • Departure Times: 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM (1 trip/hour).
  • Ticket Prices:
    • 45-seater bus: 130,000 VND/person.
    • Limousine: 250,000 VND/person for 6 middle seats, 240,000 VND/person for 2 front seats and 3 rear seats.
  • Pick-up Locations: Vinh Niem Bus Station (18 Bui Vien - Vinh Niem), office at 8 Bui Vien, office at 610 Pham Van Dong.
  • Drop-off Locations: Nuoc Ngam Bus Station (1 Ngoc Hoi Road - Hoang Mai, end of Giai Phong Road), Long Bien District (20 Ngoc Tri), Dong Xuan District (68 Tran Nhat Duat), Hai Ba Trung District (242N Minh Khai - Vinh Tuy), Ha Dong District (5 Tran Phu – Van Quan).

2. Hoang Phuong

Hoang Phuong Bus is one of the reputable and trusted bus operators on the Hai Phong - Hanoi route. The new and modern limousine fleet provides a spacious interior ensuring passengers have a comfortable experience. Hoang Phuong's limousines are perfect for families or groups of 5 to 9 passengers who want to enjoy a private trip.

  • Vehicle Type: Limousine.
  • Frequency: 1 trip every 60 minutes.
  • Departure Times: 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Ticket Prices:
    • 4 middle seats: 250,000 VND/person.
    • 2 front seats and 3 rear seats: 230,000 VND/person.
  • Pick-up Locations: Door-to-door pick-up/drop-off in Hai Phong city, fixed points in districts.
  • Drop-off Locations: Door-to-door pick-up/drop-off in Hanoi city center. Fixed points for suburban areas.

3. Hoang Anh Limousine

Hoang Anh Limousine proudly owns a modern limousine fleet equipped with high-end amenities such as spacious, comfortable leather seats, LCD entertainment screens, reading lights, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the journey. With a frequency of 1 trip per hour from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily, Hoang Anh Limousine flexibly meets the travel needs of customers at various times. The travel route is optimized to ensure quick and safe arrival at your destination.

  • Vehicle Type: Limousine.
  • Frequency: 1 trip every 30 minutes.
  • Ticket Prices: 230,000 VND/person to 450,000 VND/person 
  • Departure Times: 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Pick-up Locations: Transfer vehicle within Hai Phong city, Hai Phong office (619-621, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hai Phong).
  • Drop-off Locations: Aeon Mall Co Linh, Ocean Park, 4 Minh Khai, Time City Urban Area gate, Royal City gate (R6 72A Nguyen Trai), BigC Thang Long, Ton That Thuyet, 234 Pham Van Dong, Domestic T1 lobby - Noi Bai Airport, International T2 lobby - Noi Bai Airport.

4. Son Hai Limousine

Son Hai Limousine is part of Son Hai Travel Joint Stock Company. We specialize in providing door-to-door shuttle services on the Hanoi - Hai Phong routes and limousine routes to other provinces. We continuously strive to improve operational processes, expand our network, and enhance the quality of our drivers and staff to provide top-quality service to our customers on all journeys.

  • Vehicle Type: Limousine.
  • Frequency: 1 trip per hour.
  • Departure Times: 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Ticket Prices:
    • 2 front seats: 230,000 VND/person.
    • 4 middle seats: 250,000 VND/person.
    • 3 rear seats: 240,000 VND/person.
  • Pick-up Locations: Pick-up and drop-off within Son Hai's main office in Hai Phong (10 Vo Nguyen Giap, Kênh Dương Ward).
  • Drop-off Locations: Hanoi Office 1 (183 Hoang Nhu Tiep), Hanoi Office 2 (8 Tran Kim Xuyen - Yen Hoa).

5. Daily Limousine

On the Hai Phong - Hanoi route, there are many bus operators currently operating to meet the increasing travel demand between the two cities. Daily Limousine stands out with its modern and safe limousine fleet. Passengers not only enjoy high-quality services but also save on travel costs. Daily Limousine always prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing the safest, most comfortable, and convenient experiences.

  • Vehicle Type: 9-seater, 18-seater, 28-seater Limousine.
  • Frequency: 10 - 12 trips/day.
  • Ticket Prices:
    • 9-seater Limousine - 2 front seats: 175,000 VND/person.
    • 9-seater Limousine - 4 middle seats: 235,000 VND/person.
    • 9-seater Limousine - 3 rear seats: 200,000 VND/person.
    • 18-seater Limousine: 200,000 VND/person.
    • 28-seater Limousine: 250,000 VND/person.
  • Departure Times: 12:15, 12:40, 12:45, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00, 3:30, 6:10, 6:15, 6:40, 6:45.
  • Pick-up Locations: Niem Nghia Bus Station, Luong Khanh Thien Bus Station, and Hoang Long office: Hai Phong City Junction, Got Ferry Terminal, V77 Rest Stop.
  • Drop-off Locations: Aeon Mall Long Bien, Hanoi office (78 Tran Nhat Duat), Hanoi Opera House, hotels in the Old Quarter area.

Note: These are some popular bus operators on the Hai Phong to Hanoi route recommended by redBus. Due to the constantly changing nature of route, location, and ticket information, passengers are advised to contact redBus directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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Steps to Book Hải Phòng to Hà Nội Tickets

Step 1: Download the redBus app or visit the website to book bus tickets for your travels.
Step 2: Enter your departure point (Hải Phòng) and arrival point (Hà Nội), then click on 'Search Buses'
Step 3: Select the bus company, departure time, and desired bus schedule from Hải Phòng to Hà Nội. Click on the desired bus schedule.
Step 4: Choose your seat, select your pick-up point and drop-off point, and fill in contact details for Hải Phòng to Hà Nội.
Step 5: Choose the appropriate payment method and proceed with ticket payment. To at low prices, use redBus promo codes (if applicable) and maximize your savings.
Step 6: Your tickets will be sent to your mail or registered mobile number.


How long will a bus from Hải Phòng to Hà Nội take?

The journey from Hai Phong to Hanoi covers a distance of approximately 120 km. If traveling by bus, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the route and the bus operator chosen by the customer.

What are the different bus types available for Hải Phòng to Hà Nội bus journey?

You can choose from several bus types for your Hải Phòng, to Hà Nội, bus journey, such as -

  • Standard buses with basic amenities like reclining seats and air conditioning on a budget.
  • Sleeper buses for overnight journeys with reclining seats and additional amenities like onboard entertainment.
  • Luxury buses with onboard toilets, VIP seating, spacious legroom and personal entertainment systems
Are any overnight buses available for the Hải Phòng to Hà Nội journey?

Yes, several buses operating on the Hải Phòng to Hà Nội route are overnight buses. Designed for long-distance bus trips, you can board these buses in the evening time and reach your destination in the morning.

What amenities are typically offered on the buses?

Amenities on Hải Phòng to Hà Nội buses may vary depending on the type of bus you have chosen for your journey. Basic amenities like air conditioning is present on most buses Sleeper and luxury buses boast televisions, drinks and sometimes you might even find Wi-Fi on such high-cost options. It is best to check the list of amenities when booking your Hải Phòng to Hà Nội bus ticket online

Can I book my bus ticket online in advance?

Yes, you can opt for advance bus booking using online ticketing platforms like redBus. Online bus ticket booking is a great option if you are traveling during festive/peak seasons to secure your choice of seat on your preferred bus type and travel date without any fuss.

How many bus trips are there from Hai Phong to Hanoi each day?

On the Hai Phong to Hanoi route, there are an average of 200 bus trips per day on redBus, with the first bus starting at 04:00 AM and the last bus at 21:01 PM.

Which bus from Hai Phong to Hanoi runs the earliest?

The earliest bus from Hai Phong to Hanoi, including both seating buses and limousines, departs at 04:00 AM and is operated by Hoang Anh and Son Hai.

Which bus from Hai Phong to Hanoi runs the last?

The last bus from Hai Phong to Hanoi, including both seating buses and limousines, departs at 21:00 PM and is operated by Hoang Anh Limousine.

Enjoy your bus trip from Hải Phòng to Hà Nội !
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